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LUSH is designed to be safe, yielding and perfect, devoid of any maintenance. We help you prepare Hassle Free gardens and sports ground using only the best quality material for the perfect turf. Right from installation counselling to post-installation maintenance, we are there at every step of the way, ensuring that you only sit back and relax, while your dream takes shape. Lush is more than just grass, it is a Luxury.

Gone are the days when the desire for a lawn meant the desire for responsibilities. Nearly cutting off all the expense and eliminating the daily hassles of cleaning, cutting, watering, digging etc. Lush Green artificial grass, brings you all the perks of having a designer garden without any cost on maintenance. With Lush Green, you not only save a lot of money each day, but also the time & resources to keep the lawn healthy & green. And while your kids love to play, you no longer have to worry about dirty clothes and shabby shoes.

Why Lush Green Artificial Turf ?

To save you from the responsibilities and help you have a better alternative to natural grass, we bring you Lush Green synthetic turf. A product which behaves like natural grass but comes without heavy maintenance.

Not just a designer solution to a beautiful garden. Lush Green can be used to add greenery in your balcony, terrace, indoor floors etc. And while you enjoy all the benefits, Lush Green keeps your pockets in shape and expenses in control.

Advantages of Artificial Turf

Low Maintenance Cost:

Lush Green Artificial Turf has been fabricated to reduce all cost on maintaining a lawn. It provides you the best garden landscape with the ability to cut, shape and design in the manner in which intrigues you.

Saves Water:

On an average, 20 to 30 percent of water we use at our homes goes in watering the garden. Lush Green Artificial Turf needs no water to stay green and hence the overuse consumption of water, which is a huge concern around the world, comes to an end.

Long Life Expectancy:

Unlike natural grass whose life depends on the amount of hours you can spare in maintaining the grass, Lush Green artificial turf stays green for 365 days a year without a single penny of maintenance.

Great for Kids:

Lawns by Lush Green Artificial Turf is loved by kids as the surface is identical to natural grass and remains mud free & soft.

Drains Quickly:

Lush Green Artificial Turf drains 20% faster than real grass. During monsoon, you no longer have to walk on the slippery surface as Artificial Turf never holds water and quickly drains it away.

One Turf, Multiple Uses:

Lush Green Artificial Turf comes with endless possibilities. You can use it to decorate your balcony, wall, terrace or craft a designer garden. In a way, Lush Green fabricates your dream garden to life.