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Lush Sports is a synthetic grass surface made to withstand the rigorous demands of sports field.  Right from preventing injuries to improving on-field performance to providing you a play field which performs the same throughout the year. Lush Sports is the most reliable product for any sports.

Why Lush Sports?

The increase in the population of sport players has decreased the ability of real grass to serve the interest of players round the clock and throughout the year. Moreover,  maintaining a sport turf is expensive and still fails to ensure consistent performance.


Low Maintenance cost:

To stand up to the expected play time, Natural Grass demands a lot of time, care and consistent efforts to keep the surface playable. Thus, a high maintenance cost is just a natural consequence of using real grass. Whereas, Lush Sport provides a synthetic alternative to natural grass which eliminates 90% of the maintenance cost and performs consistently throughout the year.

Consistent in all climates:

Natural turf behaves differently during different seasons & places where there are frequent rains or remains dry, hot or humid adversely affects the surface of natural grass. The prime advantage of having Lush Sports is it’s consistency during different seasons. Right from rains to heat, artificial turf demands no special attention.

High drainage time:

While natural grass takes up a lot of time to drain water in rains. lush sports artificial turf can drain upto 30 inches per hour, which is higher than any other turf surface.

Playing Time:

Lush Sports artificial turf increases your on field time exponentially. And while natural grass restricts the use of play-field to only 800 hours a year. Synthetic turf keeps performing, even after 3000 hours of play a year.